The GARAGE SALE Auditions

Nov. 05 & 07 at 7:00 pm Cold reads. Info contact, Cathe at

The Garage Sale
Written by David King
Directed by Ben Odberg and Mike Busswood
2018-01-25 to 2018-02-24
Auditions Nov. 5 & 7, 2017 at 7:00 pm
Looking for
Phil Grady - father (40 to 55) Hardworking, Controlling of all aspects of his life but rarely succeeds.
Billy Boyce - Homeless man (30 to 45) - Looking for a life
Edna Grady - mother (40 to 55) the one who quietly hold everything together but suffers from the loss of her youth
Randy and Pam Grady - children of Phil and Edna (late teens) - trying to get the courage to be rebellious.
Lois Pettapiece - neighbor (35 to 70) - a very nosy neighbor who is suspicious of everyone, especially teenagers.
Nan and Neil - shoppers (25 to 70) Quirky, odd and crazy garage sale shoppers
Phil, a middle-aged father, is frustrated with the direction his life has taken. He has a plan though – sell everything and move his wife and two teenagers to the desert. He has, unfortunately, neglected to mention this to his family. Through their discovery of the true reason of the garage sale and the wonderfully strange collection of characters that attend we get a delightful day-in-the-life comedy and some surprising resolutions. Comedy Coarse Language


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